Wednesday, 11 April 2012

One of those mornings....

See the last time I posted?  I am getting terrible with this blogging thing these days.  Am I too busy?  No, not really but I guess it comes last.  I'll have to make time for this.  I remember reading one guy's blog a few years ago and I really liked it.  I've never seen a post from him since.  It's too bad.

So, it is almost 4 in the morning and here I am awake.  I got home yesterday from my new job and man were my feet sore.  Not only that, I was beat.  After dinner I took a nap which lasted until around 2.  I do that from time to time.  What do I do when I wake up this early?  I get bored of the usual online sites I often visit like G+ or Facebook and then look to getting things done.

I started by cleaning up my kitchen that I left in a disgrace.  Then, I opened the new bathroom shower fixtures I just bought today to take a look.  My girlfriend will be happy I'm doing this.  My shower was terrible.  The hot and cold adjustment nob was broken off and you had to move the inner metal piece to get the temperature you wanted.  Sad huh?  And yes, it had been like that for a long time.  The shower head was pathetic.  It made having a shower an experience one would have at a campground.  I know she hated it.  Me?  I dealt with it.  I am a man.  Although, I must admit I didn't like it either and I'm ashamed I hadn't gotten to this a long time ago.  There is this liquidation place I've discovered next to the new place where I work.  It's much the same as any of those places except the guy that owns it is also into building supplies.  When I came across this new shower fixture box I just smiled.  

So at this point I have the shower head installed.  That's the easy part.  I will have to do the rest tomorrow because I have to turn off the water to the shower and that involves disturbing my daughter and she is asleep of course.  Her bedroom is in the way of where I need to do that.  I will get it done I promise.  They are nice fixtures and I think it will look and work really nicely.  It's one of those things I'll keep quiet about until Jan comes this weekend and it will surprise her.  

I am in no way a handy man.  I wish I were.  But, I was thinking tonight about how I never used to be as bad as I have been lately.  I think my new job will help with that.  The last one used up every bit of energy and patience I had.  I think doing things around the house got put off because of that.  I'm not saying I don't clean my house.  I do clean but I can even concentrate more on that now. 

The new job really is a great new beginning for me.  It's a long drive but while I'm there its so much more organized and the people there know what to do.  My staff is fantastic.  The other location I was at I was stretched in every direction.  It has to do with having the proper amount of staff as well.  This is a good store, the other was not.  Even though I'm adding so much time with driving, I still come home feeling good about my day.  Today was just an issue with sore feet and staying up too late last night.  

Today I'm meeting a friend and we're going on another adventure.  He's someone I've recently hooked up with who is from my hometown.  It's funny how people meet up.  I knew his sister when I was growing up but never knew him.  He's a little older than I am.  Right away, we shared a few laughs through facebook and then discovered we've got so much in common.  He is a nature lover as I am and he's getting into photography.  He appreciates my input and learning from the photographs I've taken.  He's rather good too.   It's nice being out there hiking with someone who enjoys photography as much as I do.  He's a stay at home Dad so after getting his girls off to school he's free most days.  I have Wednesdays off so we often get together to hike somewhere and take some shots.  It's fun and I always look forward to meeting up with him.  Tomorrow I believe we are off to our old stomping grounds.  The place where we grew up.  I'll post some shots on here when I return.  And, maybe the finished bathroom.  

I've had 2 coffee already so going back to bed isn't likely.  Besides, I did get a good sleep in there.  I think I will just hang in there staying up and go watch the sunrise down at the lake.  There is a spot not far from here that is always convenient.  :)

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  1. You are as bad as me keeping up with blogging ha ha